Body of Knowledge

SpaceSUITE will provide an updated body of knowledge of Earth Observation and Geo-information, extended to the fields of Positioning Navigation and Timing and Satellite Communication.

Starting from higher level concepts, representing areas of knowledge, you will be able to browse down to more detailed concepts. Each concept will have a permanent URL to easily refer to it, a description, relationships to other concepts and associated skills. An advanced search will be available to search in concepts and their fields.

In SpaceSUITE, we leverage the resources and tools developed in the EO4GEO project, particularly the EO4GEO Body of Knowledge (BoK), which describes the knowledge of the EO*GI domain in terms of concepts and relationships between them, and includes associated skills, the BoK platform, which
allows software development based on the BoK, and the Ecosystem of Tools, which are based on the BoK and support stakeholder in the skills-related tasks (e.g. curriculum design, occupational profiles, job offers, etc.).

  • Reflecting the evolving fields of Earth Observation, Geo-information, Positioning Navigation and Timing, and Satellite Communication, which will be maintained and updated throughout the duration of the project.
  • Containing expert contributions.
  • Exploring the establishment of the connections with other relevant BoKs, both on a conceptual, knowledge and technological basis.

The Body of Knowledge is currently under development.

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